I would highly recommend Bruno as a Massage Therapist. He is a skilled professional who is versatile and intuitive to his clients needs. A sympathetic listener, he is able to quickly assess and administer whatever is required, employing a wide arsenal of massage techniques to offer an individualized and complete healing experience. His massages transcend the physical and address the whole person. I have contracted Bruno over the years to administer massage to the attendees of my Wellness Retreats in SXM and have always had rave reviews! He is trustworthy, dependable and dedicated.
Lori H.

I have a home in St. Maarten that I visit several times a year and during each visit, myself and other family members arrange for a Bruno massage.  I have been getting massages on a regular basis for many years and Bruno is, without question, one of the top therapists I have received massages from. He is also a great guy who has become a family friend over the years.  I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone visiting St. Maarten.

Joe Q.

I travel around the world and massage regularly so I thought I knew what a good massage was until I massaged with Bruno, he has an unique touch, I tell him he has golden hands!. I’ve known him now for 5 years and he continues to be the best masseur in SXM. I highly recommend Bruno.
Palma S.

I have known Bruno for many years, i saw him evolving from being a great Thai massage therapist to one of the best Creative Energy Therapist I have encountered over the last thirty years. In my businesses he is recognized as an outstanding therapist and assisting co-workers and students to better themselves in their profession. In the same fashion he has taking the position as one of the head teachers in the Carabbean Wellness Institute in Sint Maarten, a school for creative bodywork and massage therapy. iI have a great respect for him and hope you can encounter him as a friend, teacher or therapist.
Petrus P.J. Smits
Former owner of Good Life Spa, Peter’s Vitality Oasis and The Carabbean Wellness Institute.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Bruno Chandenier. Simultaneously, I wish to commend and acknowledge his services, which from my experience exemplify the highest level within his profession. His compassion, coupled with his skills, has gifted countless clients in facilitating their healing process as well as reducing symptomatic pain. I highly recommend Bruno, not only because of his knowledge but also because we share a common vision where delivering the best care is of paramount concern.
Peter Amato
President & CEO, Inner Harmony Wellness Center

One of the most incredible, inspirational, and intuitive persons I have ever met! Bruno has the magic touch! His beautiful spirit and energy, makes for a life changing experience to anyone who is fortunate enough to experience his healing hands. He has, and continues to guide and instruct me in all aspects of life. Bruno has been such a wonderful mentor, and teacher of life. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to experience his beautiful touch and spirit to do so. An angel sent from above!!!

I had the great pleasure of experiencing Bruno’s massage for the first time in Italy recently and I’ll certainly be seeing him again next summer. Bruno found and corrected 3 or 4 problematic points in my neck and spine and corrected them within the hour with a combination of deep tissue massage and pressure point manipulation. Its a shame he’s not in London right now!
Steve Blood, August 2013
Creative Director, Cognac Brown Ltd.

1,100 miles, 17 hours 16 minutes of travelling and 6 days later I was introduced to Bruno and to the rarity of his touch through massage.  Bruno is a natural intuitive healer, it is his gift of which he shares with us and I was fortunate to experience a beautiful and spiritual massage; it was worth the journey alone if only for this joy.  To me Bruno is a rare gem, like my Danburite gem stone, excellent for connecting with one’s angels and guides.  It helps to release stress and worry, calms and sooths, and quietens mind chatter, bringing a sense of peace and reassurance that all is well, and this is what Bruno and his massage achieved for me.  Bruno is a beautiful soul – a rare find.

Josephine Falconer