About Bruno

BrunoBruno Chandenier was born in Les Sables d’ Olonnes on the West Coast of France.

At an early age his parents introduced him to alternative medicine and different forms of natural treatments; he says his personal experience with healers and therapists deeply touched him and instilled in him the desire to want to help others. Bruno started to travel the world at the age of seventeen, he believes he found in Asia, the source of inspiration to become a true massage therapist. Today with over eighteen years of practice, Bruno is able to adapt different massage techniques and approaches best suited to the client. He has developed a unique form of touch, which he customises to  design the massage that fits the client needs.

Bruno is trained also as a  massage therapist instructor, and  has created wellness and health programs for clients worldwide , he provides classes, and training  for staff at prestigious  luxury resorts and spas in St. Maarten / Saint Martin. He also works extensively for the private yacht industry, with  his therapy available worldwide.